Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Post 3

What's my Options

To be honest, I didnt think I had many options. I wasnt twenty where it doesnt matter to much what you choose - do anything, time appears to be on your side.

I had no 'career' path - and didnt want one. No real pension plan. Nvere wanted one, or never wanted to be 'steady' enough in something that long to create one.

Whenever in the past I had money I would travel or take time off. I used money to buy time whenever I could.

And I had tried a lot of things - and not that they didnt work - I just became bored.And never made enough so I could cruise for the rest of my life.

And the Internet kept bugging me.

I knew it could and did produce that elusive 'residual income. Income that gives you free time.
But ever thing I looked at was either a scam or a lie or a trick (the sales gimmick), or more often than not -very technical.

And it seeemd I was 'too late'

But I kept looking pocking around, signing up for anything that was free info, so that in 3 months my almost dormant GMail account went form3 spams a day to 100 Target emails a day and growing.

Now I was overwhelmed.

But the guy that fascinated me was Frank Kern. I didn't know if he was for real, but I watched a few of his videos and he seemed genuine, and he seemed to be giving out excellent beginers info for free.

I had watched his mass control launch - a program that cost - what $2000?

And he sold however many million dollars worth the opening day! In a recession. And it wasnt even a product - it was just information!!

Ok there was something here - I was probably too late - i would probably end up on the tail that fed the big dogs at the head - but what they hey!

Theres something here - look harder.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog Post 2

So its around 1999, maybe a year or so before, I have a Network Marketing Business which is transitioning to the Web, and John Chow has become a large affiliate for some Tech web organization, and he shows me his web site and how it all works,and I understand...nothing.

It seems so easy and yet so...

He started with video games (as in playing them) some how through a basic site and email gathered a following of like minded gamers and traded back an forth patches on EA Sports Basketball games. The wrote a basic blog on how he had upgraded his computer to I think a CPU speed of close to 750 Mhz!

From there he developed the Techzone and next thing i knew he had no daytime job, everything was Internet. He seemed to be making money on the Internet!

I was getting somewhat bored with The 'Real World " Networking marketing Biz, and would every so often check in with John, who seemed to be making more and more money - and talked about SEO and PPC and buying domain names, and software that caught expired domain names and software that tracked search engines, and I was bewildered.

In 199 the Network marketing company went to the web and it was exciting, but took almost 7 years to make the distributor force transition with it. And I lost a lot of money as everything stalled, and went onto other things.Real business in the real world. Nothing digital.

In 2008 I started to look at options again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blog Post 1

A tentative Beginning.

This will at random times tell the tale of my battle with creating income from the Internet.

Although I created Blogs probably a year or so ago -I didnt know what to do with them, and left them lying listlessly around the Internet at Blogger and Wordpress etc. (free blogs of course - you think I'm crazy)

I had watched the 'local guru' John Chow go from Tech blog - "The TechZone" to weird blog "The Love..."something - to the big money - now called JohnChow Dot Com, and as with most people who did this - he seemed to do it by mistake and without deliberate effort. He loved computers and loved to figure things out, was bright as hell, but its not like he sweated ladies and gentlemen - he just did what he enjoyed, fooled around and - voila - made money.

I have never, never had - "voila" money thrown at me. Never. Am I bitter - you betcha -

I digress.

So in the year of Our Lord 2009, having become more and more broke, mostly because I didnt want to work hard, ever again, I decided well its the Internet for me.
I'll work it, to get the dream - Residual Income. Money in - lots. Time out - little.

And so we begin.

And let me tell you after a few weeks of trying to figure this out.I'm bewildered (S.E.O's PPC Traffic, Google Adwords, Google Adwords Tool, Meta, Tags, MetaTags,css and on and on) and not less broke - but enjoying the journey, I really am.